Cultural Advocates

Have you ever found yourself or someone you know in crisis and didn't know where to turn?  

Are you a leader in the community working with a youth or adult who needs access to mentoring, resources, and/or referrals?

The Cultural Advocate Program provides strengths-based, one-on-one mentoring, referral, and needs assessment sessions with a child/adult/family in crisis and/or experiencing heightened emotional/behavioral issues. Services are designed to assist in meeting their emotional and behavioral health needs while supporting skill-building, interpersonal skill development, problem-solving strategies, enhancing social connections, and/or daily living skills.  This program is designed to make an immediate impact on connecting diverse residents to local community and natural supports and increase the capacity for the community to serve children/adults/families. Cultural Advocates develop a meaningful relationship, provide positive role-modeling, and advocacy for the youth/adults. 

Cultural Advocates are trained professionals who have experience working with children and adults. They receive specialized trained and supervision for delivery of services.  


There is no cost for the service.  Also, this is not a counseling services.  If you would like to refer yourself or someone you know, please click the link above and we will respond to your request within 48 business hours.