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When Traditions Promote Unity and Healing

Is there a tradition you participate in with your friends, family members, or coworkers? My family loves to play competitive games during holidays. We gather in a circle after eating a good meal and play several games with three generations of family members. And, of course, being as competitive as I am, I always win! From Black Card Revoked to Family Feud, we laugh and have a great time.

ALCC Staff
Fall 2022

At Another Level Counseling and Consultation, we gather together a couple of times yearly as a team to celebrate, have deep life conversations, eat good food, and share laughs. However, one activity we started last year has become a tradition for us. After taking group photos with a photographer, we pause to take selfies.

The selfies are our favorite part of our gathering, and this simple activity has become our tradition. It unites us and promotes our healing. Our energy fields momentarily connect and we exhale. We release the tension we held from the week's work. We allow ourselves to release the pressure of constantly being in healing mode. We release, we pause, we snap our picture, we heal. Join us in our healing.

By Dr. Sonyia Richardson

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