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The mental health market is expected to experience dramatic growth. With over 15 years of clinical service delivery and mental health business development, our expert consultants include clinicians, researchers, methodologists, educators, and policy experts who are passionate about helping organizations deliver effective services that will meet the needs of diverse communities. We understand how to successfully start and sustain a mental health agency and how to develop internal processes that help to drive agency and client outcomes. Additionally, we develop and generate data for organizations to help guide change efforts and the promotion of equitable work environments. 


Examples of our work at Another Level Counseling and Consultation include:

  • Providing clinical equity training to mental health agency staff

  • Providing mental wellness training to Fortune 500 companies

  • Providing youth suicide prevention and intervention training to clinicians 

  • Developing corporate diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic plans for corporate boards and guiding them through the implementation of the plans

  • Reviewing organizational policies and marketing materials with an equity lens

Interested in speaking with us more about consulting services? Contact us at

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