Counseling Services


Are you struggling emotionally and mentally, but don’t have time to come in for a counseling appointment with your busy schedule?

Are you having a difficult time coping due to current life circumstances and need to speak to a professional?

We’ll develop a plan to get you back on track, no travel required and we'll work with your schedule.  Our services are available through a mobile device or a computer.  Using HIPAA compliant software, we aim to protect your privacy and ensure that you have a dedicated link for attending your appointments. 

Need Help but Can't Afford It?

No problem.  We have Social Work MSW Interns who are available to work with you and assist with your counseling needs.  To access free or pro bono services, please call (980) 224-0363.

Client Testimonials

"It only took a couple of sessions and I felt like I was on the right track.  Having someone to check in with me on a weekly basis and help me to see life differently helped tremendously."

"This is my first time with counseling services and everyone made me feel so welcomed.  It wasn't a scary process at all and I actually feel 10 times better just after my first visit."

My experience with ALCC transformed my life.  I feel more focused, more supported, and am able to meet my individual goals.  I recommend this agency to everyone." 

We offer individual counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, and group counseling services. Schedule your appointment now by clicking on the link below.