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When dealing with struggles in life, it helps to have someone to talk to. Whether it’s stress, anxiety, depression, a recent breakup, grief, or sudden loss, we can help. Our therapists will help you find meaning, avoid negative patterns and thoughts, and elevate your life and mood. Are you searching for a therapist that understands you?


Our therapists are among the best. Our agency has diverse and experienced practitioners ready to meet with you. Private pay, most private insurance, and Medicaid insurance is accepted. To book an appointment, click on the link above, call our office at 704.548.5298, or email info@anotherlevelcounseling.comWe provide individual, couples, and family counseling services.

Are you wanting to start therapy but are not ready to commit? Check out our blog/video tab for resources to help until you are ready. Do you need therapy on demand, or maybe just need a single session with a therapist? Then schedule our on-demand sessions with the link above. Learn more about on-demand sessions, including FAQs, by visiting our blog/video tab.








If you are searching for consulting services, we have experienced consultants available to provide training for your staff (clinical, diversity, equity, and inclusion) and business development.

At Another Level Counseling and Consultation, our mission is to promote holistic healing for diverse individuals, families, and communities. Our vision is to create a center of excellence for promoting holistic healing for diverse communities nationally and internationally.

Are you ready to schedule your first appointment or learn more about counseling services? Click on the Schedule Now button above or call our office at 704.548.5298. Once you schedule your first appointment, check out our blog to learn more about what happens next and what to expect during your first counseling appointment.

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